[VLOG #1] Why listening to your senses is key to reaching your full potential

door | jun 2, 2020 | 0 Reacties

Do you feel that there should be much more? In your business and in your personal life?

But is your head constantly full? Because you are super busy with anything and everything at work? Are you constantly under time pressure? And is your mind constantly in the future?

It is also not easy to get out of that mode, I know all about that.

But it is crucial if you want to live life at its fullest. That will only work if you learn to live in the ‘now’. But I am very well aware, that it is easier said than done.

A well-known tool to get there is meditation. But do you also not know what to do with that? Or does it maybe even feel uncomfortable to you?

And often people then start talking about meditation and other forms of spirituality. Do you often not know what to do with that?

In this video blog I would like to share with you a way that is much more accessible. A way that I successfully applied over the weekend for over 10 years, without understanding why it worked so well. But now I understand. It all has to do with your senses.

Watch my vlog to learn more.

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