Wat creative mensen over mij zeggen

“I’ve spent many years collaborating with Michel on a broad variety of initiatives, each related to our work developing interactive, educational marketing resources for manufacturers in the technology arena who serve a large and diverse audience. Together we’ve developed a considerable library of tech focused content, and have continued to push the boundaries of cutting edge design, including 360° interactive virtual tours of tech facilities.

Michel has been instrumental in streamlining the collaborative process for us. Whereas with many of our clients we’re working with an array of stakeholders, each with their own per-spective and input, Michel is able to corral these resources and provide a singular, unifying message—and then shepherd the project through the development process. This greatly aids our ability to create more powerful, compelling, and effective resources—in less time and with fewer headaches—which ultimately garner better results”.

Dave Chace

President, Quantum ISD & Training Allies, LLC

“My experience of working with Michel Van Loon was awesome. He is a highly professional fellow who knows how to work on big and complex projects with a team full of programmers.

We worked on multiple projects together and his knowledge towards each of the projects was immense. Every time when we discuss about the requirements, his homework was already done and he always came fully prepared so that he can make us(me and my team) understand what is the requirement.

He used to gave us clear directions in terms of functionalities, content etc. and made our job very easy and he also used to take care how we can make scalable solutions so that the work can be done with minimum resources and effort in future.

He always works on new ideas and most importantly he use to focus on best customer experience and on time project delivery which is very important for a client as well as programmers.

He is a very dedicated person towards his work. Pinpoint directions and on time follow ups are his qualities.

It was great working with Michel. I hope to work with him again in future. :-)” 

Tarun Sharma

Technical Lead, Omnie Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

As project lead from Dutch Rose Media I have worked together with Michel on the creation of the Definitive Technology app. During that project Michel helped us building an app that met the needs of a tech company. Because of his experience in the audio world he gave us a clear direction on how we could visualize complex issues. As liaison between us and the client he made sure that we only had to focus on what we’re best at: the development of an augmented reality concept. Given the fact that he worked at several tech companies and is used to work together with creative agencies he speaks both languages and is the ideal person to guide this kind of projects.

Alex van Happen

Project Lead, Dutch Rose Media

The process of producing the educational films -for premium HiFi brands Denon & Marantz- with Michel went smooth. A process like this could be very complex because there are a lot of parties to be considered. Michel managed to make a very clear translation from a complex technical story into a good briefing that we could work with. Michel is creative, has great attention to detail and is definitely recommended if you want to communicate a complex technical story to a specific target group.

Florian Koch

Freelance Concept, Cameraman & Editor

Michel is a great asset to technical projects. His ability to translate both language and even more importantly technical details into marketable messages makes him a key part of all the projects I have worked with Michel on. Together we were able to produce a number of augmented reality projects to help explain how internal design and components can deliver a premium experience within the audio industry. Michel has great attention to detail and is the perfect facilitator between technically minded companies and creative agencies.
Andy Whitelock

Freelance Design & Content Marketing Manager

I have been able to get to know Michel as a very fine, professional and service-minded client. A man with many qualities, great empathy and always looking for creative and effective solutions.

I enjoyed working with Michel on the optimisation of educational content. Michel makes a sharp, well thought-out analysis of the communication message and knows how to translate it into crea-tive, easy-to-read content. He ensures that the final result is completely correct in terms of content and is tailored to the needs of his clients in order to ensure that it delivers maximum results. The process that Michel has set up for this purpose is easily scalable into multiple languages, is compatible with the existing business processes and reduces the workload for the marketing team.

I look back on our collaboration with great pleasure!

Dick Douma

Projectmanager, Foxiz BV

Michel is a talented and creative individual with attention to detail and always willing to do what is necessary to make sure that he creates the best experience for his audience. From interactive virtual reality apps to a 360 video tour concept of a Japanese factory. With each of these projects, there was a well thought out plan and script to go along with each step outlining the creative idea so it was clear to the team what needed to be done in the execution stage. I always felt like I could bounce ideas off of him and ask questions to come up with solutions which made the projects a joy to work on.

I would highly recommend Michel for projects such as this. He will do a fantastic job.

Kristin Sinclair

Sr. Director of Brand design, Internal creative team of Sound United

Michel is both a creative and structured marketeer/project manager. He is a resourceful and focussed professional, equally capable of the creation and integration of new technologies to deliver solid business benefit as he is of looking at the big picture of global tech giants, saying what if, and bringing about a practical, positive change.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage a specific project or create a step change marketing communications solution, (that will actually work, be delivered on time and to budget), you’ll find Michel to be a calm, efficient, fun and creative professional that will get the job done.

Nick Pettitt

Owner, Rocket Communications Ltd

Wat bedrijven over mij zeggen

Michel worked closely with me on projects ranging from creation of brand and product educational materials to an innovative, forward-thinking mobile AR app to create excitement around the technology story of my products in a fun, interactive way and ultimately boost sales. A multifaceted liaison, Michel can distill dense, technical information plus business objectives into a form that end-customers or creative teams can grasp; conversely, he can present resulting creative output in a way that encourages consensus to keep projects moving. Whether communication and direction came to Michel in the form of formal meetings, emails, and documents or informal chats and text messages, he was able to remarkably tie it all together into a finished product that always exceeded my expectations.
Skylar Gray

Brand Director, Definitive Technology

Michel is a very talented content creator and I was so thrilled to work with him on the IMAX Enhanced project. He has the ability to translate complex technology into simple, digestible short stories that captures the attention of its intended audience. Michel’s level of creativity is uncanny and he is a effective collaborator. I highly recommend Michel!
Lei Lei Trock

Director of Product Marketing, Xperi Corporation

I had several occasions to create technical training/educational videos for the Marantz brand with Michel.
It was a pleasure working with him since he is very good at connecting our technical experts with the external creative team.
He knew exactly how to instruct and guide the creative team to tell and show our unique brand story and convey advanced technology into an easy to understand for everybody and exciting video for our customers.
I must say he always prepared everything very well therefore recordings and review processes went smoothly.

Ken Ishiwata

Brand Ambassador, Marantz

Michel helped the company (D&M and later Sound United) to create excellent training materials for our employees and our customers and I worked with him closely through the process. We have a story to tell on our products, technologies, and passions and prides that we put into our products and he takes all that and turnes them into 5-6 min short interactive training videos. I was very happy with his outcomes and not to say, I was very impressed with his ability to turn many technical, complicated elements that are unique to our brands and products to simplified and yet strong message that everyone can understand. He is also dedicated and committed to his job and meet deadlines. I also found him very easy to work with – no egos, very logical, and truly enjoyed our relationship.

Yamada Yoshinori

Global Business Team Leader Audio, Video, Sound United

I know Michel as a person with really added value in a team.
He has a very well grounded mathematics and economic models knowledge combined with technical and market knowledge.

Michel knows how to fascinate and bind people. He has a gift to translate and explain complex theory in a way that it becomes easy to understand and practical to use.

He is a congenial person who is always well prepared, sharp and posses up-to-date market info and market trends. Michel is flexible and he is a quick learner. This all makes Michel a really unique and very pleasant person to work with.

Wilbert Maximus

Product Manager, Bosch & Dynacord

I worked with Michel for over 6 years and when he started our online training program was just a little plant. With his engagement and his continuous seek for an even better solution day by day to transfer our internal knowledge to the outside world he created a powerful tool. He manages to make complex technologies understandable by none technical audience. His vision and power of imagination is very supporting here.

Oliver Kriete

Product Manager Europe, Denon & Marantz

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