My 5 secrets to a powerful marketing content creation process [+ FREE ticket]

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I think long review processes are one of the biggest frustration of marketeers who work with creative partners. They used to drain my energy, when I was in such a role.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of that process? Would that be possible?

Yes, it is!

This week I received my new company logo from my designer. Not a single revision was needed.

My secret?


I worked for many years with external partners in content creation. I believe energy is the most important ingredient in marketing content. Why?

Let me share 5 of my secrets with you, that I learned over the years:

Secret 1: It simplifies the briefing process

There is no need for long advanced briefings to get an agency started. They simply need to sense your enthusiasm. What is that you are excited about? What is it that will excite your customers? What are you proud of? When your agency can sense that energy, it’s all they need to get their creative process started.

Secret 2: Energy transforms into creative ‘magic’

Emotion is a universal language. An agency typically struggles to understand your business. A written brief will push them into reasoning and thinking. But creativity is a process that can’t be optimized by reasoning. When they will feel and share those same positive emotions of pride and excitement, they will be able to transform your energy into creative magic.

Secret 3: Hardly any review needed

And the best thing for you as a marketeer or project manager? You can get rid of that annoying review process. Reviewer processes take long because the essence is usually not right. Stakeholders comment on small details, because they feel something is wrong. But they can’t put a finger to it. I tell you: it’s the energy which is missing. They don’t sense the right energy. But when that energy is right, details don’t really matter anymore.

Watch my video to learn why energy is crucial in the content creation process.

Secret 4: Energy attracts customers

It’s the energy that attracts customers, not the tiny little details that reviewers worry about. The overall magic that your content creators add, is what will make your audience curious. They sense that magic and want to become part of it. Only after that, they might dig into a bit more detail, but for sure not the other way around.

Secret 5: Energy drives the whole team

It’s not just helping the creative minds to do a great job. It gets rid of all things that are annoying. It helps people to get into a flow of doing things they’re good at. It motivates them. Everyone can add their little bit of magic and make themselves feel valuable.

Isn’t that something you would also like?

The whole process gets much easier and you will really enjoy it in this way. You will feel proud about every delivery that you do in this way, not just because the whole process suddenly energizes you, but also because suddenly your content will have a serious impact on your business.

Would you like to energize your content creation process and feel more energetic yourself? Let me know which secret you liked most in the comments below and win a FREE ticket to my outdoor workshop (max. 8 people): ENERGIZE & CONNECT at the 10th of June.

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