Boost yourself & meet likeminded marketing & sales people

Would you like to make an impact with your ideas?

NOTE: we will take strict care of the current corona regulations during this workshop.

Are you an ambitious person, full of new and creative ideas?

Do you work in marketing and / or sales?

Are you proud of your product or service and do you see a lot of potential to boost your business?

Would you like to make an impact with your ideas?

But do you often feel held back in your enthusiasm and energy, because …

Others in the organization or your team don’t share your enthusiasm;
You need to push a lot to get buy-in for your ideas;
You’re overloaded with daily issues like e-mails, issues, meetings;
Your colleagues or team don’t want to do things differently as they already feel too busy ;
Your colleagues or team are focusing on issues instead of opportunities.
All these struggles drain your own positive energy.

Wouldn’t it be great to be surrounded by positive minded people and feel your own creative energy flow again?

Then this Energy & Connect workshop is for you!!!

Your winning energy is exactly what your marketing needs

I understand your struggle. I’ve been there myself. I’ve worked for 16 years in marketing and sales for amazing brands in the consumer electronics industry. My creative mind was always full of ideas how to excite our customers more effectively and more efficiently with our powerful solutions. But it’s extremely tough to do things differently, when other people can’t see the opportunities that you see, because their mind is blocked by their daily troubles.

I believe that the marketing activities of most companies aren’t succesfull because they lack your DNA. There’s no winning energy in the team itself, people are focused at problems and aren’t proud on their product or service. They work hard and push and push, but without the energy that you’ve got, it won’t work.

I want to help you to let that energy flow again, to trigger your creative mind and use those to posi-tively affect the people around you.

To achieve this you need to get out of the environment which locks up your energy and holds you back in your creative thinking.

You need an inspiring environment in an energetic settings and people that get excited by your ideas and motivate you to continue on that path.

That’s what this Energize & Connect workshop is about!!


The whole event will take place outside, whilst mountainbiking. There is no need for mountainbike experi-ence, since we will be supported by a professional mountianbike instructor, who will teach you some basic skills, so you can fully enjoy this amazing experience. The only requirement is that you are in a good physical condition and feel comfortable on a bicycle. We will adjust the route to the level of the group.


Wednesday 10th June 2020, 13.00 – 17.30

Note: In case the corona regulations don’t allow this date, we will reschedule as soon we know more.

Start location

‘t Zwaantje, Groesbeekseweg 106, 6585 KH Mook, The Netherlands


EUR 99, (Excl. 21% VAT)

No payment is needed to reserve your spot.

Stay safe

We will take strict care of the current corona regulations. We will keep minimum distance of minimum 1.5m at all times. Also the group size will be adjusted to regulations, but will for sure not be bigger than 8 people.

Note: We hope for the best possible weather, but also in rainy weather we can still perfectly enjoy this happening. Only in case of extreme weather conditions we might be forced to reschedule to another day.

What we will do

I will take you out of the environment which blocks the human mind: your busy office. We will go outside, into an area that will let your energy flow again. Not just any place, but an area with one of the most stun-ning views in the Netherlands. You will experience these views will trigger a version of creativity that only such place can realize.

But there’s more. To make your creative mind function without any constraint, we will explore this area by mountainbike, to get you into a maximum energetic mode. That state will trigger a complete different mind-set, which will trigger new insights.

On top of that we will be in a group of maximum 10 like-minded people. People that share your own pas-sion and energy, which will further ‘lift’ you.

In this setting we will alternate cycling with group sessions, where we will zoom in to the following subjects:

The power of YOUR energy & creativity;
How to let your energy flow again;
Power energy vs. passive energy;
The importance of dreaming & fantasy ;
Dare to be different;
Out of your comfort zone;
Connecting with likeminded people;
Applying all this in your marketing & sales’.
Additionally you will get the following:
A mountainbike to use during the event
Technical support of a professional MTB instructor
Drinks during the tour
A drink afterwards

What do you need to bring?

Sportive clothes which are suitable for riding a bike and are warm enough, but not too warm. Bring some spare cloths and a towel in case the roads are muddy.

What others say about me:


“I’ve spent many years collaborating with Michel on a broad variety of initiatives, each related to our work developing interactive, educational marketing resources for manufacturers in the technology arena who serve a large and diverse audience. Together we’ve developed a considerable library of tech focused content, and have continued to push the boundaries of cutting edge design, including 360° interactive virtual tours of tech facilities.

Michel has been instrumental in streamlining the collaborative process for us. Whereas with many of our clients we’re working with an array of stakeholders, each with their own per-spective and input, Michel is able to corral these resources and provide a singular, unifying message—and then shepherd the project through the development process. This greatly aids our ability to create more powerful, compelling, and effective resources—in less time and with fewer headaches—which ultimately garner better results”.

Dave Chace – President at Quantum ISD & Training Allies, LLC

Michel van Loon

I worked for over 16 years in mar-keting & sales in various amazing consumer electronics companies. Their marketing however typically lacked energy and creativity.

I know how it feels when you’re a waterfall of creative energy, but you feel hold back all the time by your environment and the daily rush.

7 years ago I decided things had to change. I wanted to feel alive and energetic again.

Nowadays I use all my insights to help other marketing & sales people that experience this same energy ‘lock’ to make an energy reset and let that creative energy run again.

We do this in an energetic outdoor environment: places that I know work best. Here I connect them with likeminded people: minds that boost them, not drain them.