8 reasons why fun is crucial to attract more customers

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Do you often feel overloaded at work? You’re working extremely hard, but you already got a new task in your mail, before completing another one. Does that make you feel stressed?

Did you realize your customers can sense those type of emotions?

Over the last year, when I was working as a content consultant, I visited many companies and tradeshows, and at most places I sensed a lot of negative emotions.

Even though I came to do business, such an atmosphere pushes me away. It drains my own positive energy.

Imagine what it does to your customers?

You’re working extremely hard to get more customers, but it works exactly the opposite way. You’re wasting your time and energy and it won’t work.

Instead of working harder, it’s much more effective to focus on more fun. Fun will result in more customers for the following 8 reasons:

Reason 1: Fun results in more effective solutions

Your creative mind can’t function under pressure of stress. But when you stop pushing and start enjoying yourself, it will clear your head. You will suddenly get to unique insights. Solutions that most likely are more effective, since you are no longer thinking in constraints but in solutions.

Reason 2: Fun connects

Do you rather corporate with people that are having fun or are feeling stressed? When you’re enjoying yourself, your teammates want to become part of it. They will support your new ideas and it will be much easier to roll-out.

Reason 3: Fun doesn’t require convincing

Usually there is little time for your own team to educate themselves about your own products. Do you often struggle to get buy-in with a manager or other stakeholders? When those people sense your enthusiasm, that’s already half of the job done. Your fun does more than a PowerPoint deck motivating your case.

Reason 4: Fun creates internal ambassadors

In marketing we all understand the importance of ambassadors. Did you realize you’ve got many potential ambassadors in other departments, like finance or logistics. They usually have no emotional connection to your product or service, but it’s actually the vibe in the marketing team, which strongly contributes to their feeling about the brand. Make sure they can sense that fun!

Reason 5: Fun makes you an ambassador

How do you talk about your work to friends and family? Do you complain a lot? Or are you having fun at work? It’s your story which they will remember when they talk to other people about your company or brand.

Reason 6: Fun is kick starter when talking to customers

Do you often talk directly to customers? In sales conversations or on events? When you’re having fun in your work, that customer will sense that straight away. Since if there’s no fun, you will most likely be forcing your enthusiasm. And that won’t work.

Reason 7: Fun attracts the best creative partners

Do you work with creative partners to produce your marketing tools? Like I mentioned in the introduction, they also rather work with positive minded customers. Positiveness is needed to stimulate their creative mind.

Reason 8: Fun adds magic to your marketing materials!!!!

When marketing materials are produced under high stress, without any fun, it doesn’t flow. There simply isn’t any magic, that will create a sparkle with your potential customer. If your content doesn’t energize them, they simply won’t spend time consuming your content.

So, besides that fun makes your work much more pleasant, it will also boost the effectiveness of all your marketing & sales activities. Fun is what will start attracting your customers.

What is your main struggle to make your work fun again? Please share with me in the comments below.

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