6 reasons why tech firms need creative agencies

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For 16 years I worked in tech organisations. I worked with external creative agencies like yours to create marketing content & tools to excite people about the latest products and technologies.

Coming from your tech client’s side, I believe those organisations desperately need YOUR help to make their products successful. Let me share 6 reasons why…

1. The project isn’t YOUR baby
Tech firms typically invest years in developing the newest products and technology. Many people in these organisations spend an enormous amount of time turning rough ideas into physical products, ready for mass production. These products are like babies, and, like any proud parent, they’re keen to share every single detail… because each one is important to THEM.

That’s why they need you as an outsider. Since you aren’t so attached to the product you can help them to get to the real essence of the story, and to present the facts that matter to their audience.

2. You have a ‘cleaner’ vocabulary
People working in tech organisations typically use many confusing technical terms, even marketeers. That inevitably happens when you work with the same types of products day-in day-out. Additionally tech specs are often used to quantify product performance, even though they might not mean anything to the target audience. Tech people love to quantify stuff!

Luckily, as an outsider you are not so familiar with those terms & specs. Instead, you can speak the language of their audience.

3. You can bring stories to life
I believe that all tech firms have amazing stories to tell, when you manage to get around all the unnecessary complexity. So it’s all a matter of getting to the essence and translating it into an exciting and engaging story. And that’s exactly what you are great at!

You can turn a mundane, complex tech project into a unique and exciting marketing experience.

4. You are the creative specialist
To excite your audience, you need to visualise the right way. Tech firms often try to do this in-house, to save costs. Unfortunately the results are often poor. Their team tries hard to do something amazing, but most of the time they simply lack your skills, as they are all-rounders rather than experts.

To deliver effective content, they need to work with the best: and that’s YOU!

5. You increase speed & add flexibility
One of the top complaints I hear about working with tech firms is that they are slow to react. But that’s simply because tech organisations are typically much bigger than any agency. Your contact person depends on many others in the organisation to gather information and make decisions.

That’s your advantage as a smaller company. You can act fast and add huge flexibility to the big tech organisations.

6. You can get the project to the finish line!
Tech firms often have small marketing teams, juggling many projects at the same time. Often they don’t get the chance to dedicate resources to a certain project as they are constantly being hijacked by others in the organisation.

This is another great benefit of outsourcing to a creative agency like yours. Once you are instructed by your tech client, you can work on the project without any interference from the client, and make sure it’s delivered on time.

I hope this list has inspired you, as I think tech firms really need your help to make an impact. Keep these reasons in mind, next time when you talk to a potential tech client.

Did I miss anything? How would YOU deliver real marketing help to tech organisations?
Please share with me in the comment box below.

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