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Do you need to boost the performance of your marketing & sales team? Unless you can hire more people, it means your team needs to start doing things differently.

You as a manager or director might see a lot of new opportunities to reach these new goals. But what about your team? Most likely they’re less excited than you. They feel very busy with their daily tasks and don’t see how to fit in your new ideas. They rather keep doing things as they are used to.

By nature, we as human beings don’t like change. We rather stay in our comfort zone, doing the things we do every day, even if we don’t like them. That’s safe, no risk of being blamed for mistakes.

Without a push from you, nothing will happen in your team. They need help to make this mind shift: a process that can be divided in 3 steps.

Step 1: Realize it’s time for a boost

For 4 years I’m with the same group of 6 people in a speed skating class. Every Tuesday evening in the winter we have a lesson for 1 hour and drink a beer afterwards. Every week the same routine, making the rounds on the 400m ice track, streamlining your skills a little bit more, not much new stuff.

It started to feel like the marketing team, where I used to work: the excitement was no longer there.  Some started to talk about leaving the skating class as they didn’t feel like they were learning anything new. Some were considering switching instructors, to still challenged.

Then you know it’s time for a change, time for a boost!

Step 2: Make them dream of becoming a winner

I came up with a challenge, to not just get the fun back, but to get them to an even higher level. A level they couldn’t imagine they would be able to achieve.

I proposed to join a very special ice-skating event in Sweden, which blows the mind of every ice skater, the Daylight challenge:

  • Skating on a huge natural lake, instead of an artificial track;
  • In a beautiful, mind-blowing winter landscape in Sweden;
  • Skating from sunrise to sunset (more than 7,5 hours), a performance that can only achieved by winners.

All of them responded hesitant: ‘This isn’t something for me.’ Exactly like when you come up with new plans for your marketing & sales activities.

They needed time to get used to the idea. But every time we met I reminded them and excited them: make them feel they could be part of a winning team, they could really do this.

Step 3: Help them to conquer the doubt

In both this skating example and your marketing team, it makes sense people are hesitant:

  • It requires a huge investment in time, as you need to train and practice to make things a success;
  • There’s a significant risk of failure, as you are choosing a path they’ve never successfully completed before;

Is it worth taking this risk?

They need to be motivated and supported, so they realize they can be successful and become a winner. But also, that it’s okay to fall on the way: that’s part of the process.

All 6 joined the Day-Night-Challenge last January and delivered an amazing result, becoming my personal heroes.

Watch the interview below with 2 proud participants: Rene and Ricardo.

Would you also like to work with a team of winners? Would you like to let that energy flow again, so they become a magnet for your customers?

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