3 reasons why Hyundai inspired me the most @ CES

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Before I visited CES last week, I wasn’t a fan of the Hyundai brand at all. I always perceived Hyundai as a cheap car brand from Asia, without any vision. They however changed my opinion completely last week @ CES in Las Vegas.

A dream came true, when I visited CES in Las Vegas for the first time in my life. Since I started my own tech communications company a few months ago, it felt like the right moment to visit this show. First of all, to meet with as much people in the tech industry as possible and second to get an overall impression of what’s going on in all the various tech disciplines. I was also curious to see how companies would present themselves to the outside world, as this is quite a challenge at such a huge show like CES, where everybody is crying for attention.

CES is a show full of innovations, which most people will not be able to imagine in their personal lives. For that reason, it’s not easy to connect with your customers in such a show. To achieve this, you need to take them with you on your ‘trip’ into the future. You need to trigger their imagination and their emotions in such a way that they want your technology to become part of their future lives. And this is exactly what Hyundai did on their booth, and they executed it extremely well.

These are the 3 key reasons why I think Hyundai did an amazing job with their booth at CES.

Reason 1: Simplicity
As a visitor at CES your mind goes crazy when walking around, between thousands of exhibitors. Additionally, most booths are overloaded with loads of products, visuals and texts. It’s impossible for the human brain to process all those impressions. So, as an exhibitor you shouldn’t tell advanced stories on your booth, you need to keep it simple, just to make that first great impression with your brand. And that’s what Hyundai did.
Hyundai pulled attention to their booth with a huge, life size drone, with moving propellers and a clever cobranding with Uber. The only other thing visible on the booth, was a visionary movie playing in the background of the drone. No other details to see.
All visitors passing the booth, stopped walking, observing and processing Hyundai’s vision of the future in transportation. There was no need to ask any staff member for further explanation, it’ was crystal clear what they wanted to tell. Everyone will understand.

Reason 2: Experience it yourself
But now the best part comes. You could experience this transportation by drone by yourself. No need to trigger your imagination, you could simply experience it, through a dedicated Virtual Reality (VR) experience. All visitors could take a quick virtual Uber drone ride through a futuristic city. Such an experience is so intense and so different from just watching a movie, as your submerged into the visual content, claiming 100% of your attention, as if you’re part of the movie yourself. They made it even more realistic by adding high quality sound and movement effects of the chair. You can’t get any closer to the real thing.

Reason 3: perfect execution
People who know me, know I’m a huge fan of VR experiencers to get stories across, since you’re immersing people with your vision and touch them on an emotional level. This emotional level however also strongly depends on the level of execution. A great experience, badly executed, still won’t deliver the results you’re after. And I’ve seen that happen a lot since VR agencies often don’t realize under what circumstances their experiences are being delivered. Well, running a VR experience in such a crowded environment, is a huge operational challenge.

Hyundai handled it extremely well. Instead of just 1 VR device, they had 8 fully featured seats, supported by several staff members, to keep a constant flow of people enjoying a quick, but intense virtual drone ride. Visitors could simply sit down and enjoy the ride, nothing else to worry about, their staff took care of everything.
To take perfection to the next level, everybody had to wear a Hyundai branded face mask, to keep the VR glasses free of sweat. No need for visitors to be disgusted and another opportunity to stress the brand.

And the VR experience itself? Woooooooow, what a ride! I can’t wait to enjoy this in real!

My compliments to the Hyundai team! Since this experience I’ve a complete other opinion of the Hyundai brand. And that’s exactly why you don’t just want to showcase your products, but why you need to inspire.

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