10 tips to keep a winning sales & marketing team in crisis times [+ FREE ticket of EUR 197,-]

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In just a few weeks the world turned around and we’re dealing with challenges we couldn’t imagine. Suddenly your whole sales & marketing team is working from home and all your product launches are delayed until further notice.

YIt’s a tough situation. We can try to fight it or we can simply use the time to make the best out of it.

I believe it’s an excellent opportunity to reset and to invest in the positive mindset of your team.

Let me share you 10 tips to help you with this.

Tip 1: Let them buddy up

Running a 1-men business I know how hard it is to keep yourself motivated, working alone from home. You need someone else to keep yourself motivated. Let people buddy up in teams of 2 and make sure they connect by phone at least once a day. Let them check-up on each other, to motivate each other on their actual projects and to care about each other’s health situation.

Tip 2: Use video in your online meetings

When I was working in the tech industry, group meetings were always done using voice only. I always use video. Why? Simply because it’s much more personal. And we as humans need that in times when we are separated from each other.

Tip 3: Internal knowledge sharing

Usually there is little time for your own team to educate themselves about your own products. But since everything will be delayed anyhow, it’s an excellent opportunity. Ask your product managers or trainers to do online trainings for your team, so they learn the foundation about why they are on a winning team.

Tip 4: Invest in your team players

A winning team requires winning players and winning players need to be trained on their own skills. Let them use this time to invest in themselves and boost their knowledge through online training.

Tip 5: Share valuable knowledge

Your customers have exactly the same issue as you. They’re also ‘locked-up’ and have time on their hands. Share your valuable content with them, to take them to a higher level and build the foundation for a relationship, to do amazing things together when all this is over.

Tip 6: Visualize the future

For a positive mindset it’s crucial to keep dreaming of a beautiful future. To stimulate those dreams in your team’s mind, they need to visualize it. Ask them for example to work on a mood board (e.g. in Pinterest), where they visualize your companies vision for your customers. Let them add pictures that show the amazing things that your technology or products can achieve for your customers. Let this be an ongoing task, so they look at it every day, so they are personally reminded of it every day and it becomes part of their system.

Tip 7: Focus on opportunities

Being an entrepreneur myself, I learned you need to be flexible and be open to opportunities. Ask your team members to use every day a few minutes to come up with a business opportunity for your company due to the current situation. By doing this every day, they will start training their mind on focusing on the positive side.

Tip 8: Use time to focus on a personal project

Working without colleagues, finally gives everyone the opportunity to fully focus on things, without any distractions. Let them use this time to focus on a project they personally believe will make a difference for your business. Let them experience how it is to get into a creative flow and enjoy the fun of this. This will really boost their positive energy.

Tip 9: Be inspired by creative minds

Working in the marketing I always got my best inspiration from external creative agencies. They are usually full of ideas and are hungry for business. Since they’re also out of work, join forces, and let them share their ideas with you in an online creative session.

Tip 10: Keep your team fit

But last but not least, to keep everyone energetic and creative, make sure they don’t lock themselves up at home. Motivate them to go outside, into the fresh air. Let them go for a walk in the park or a bike ride. The exercise and fresh air will boost their positive energy.

I hope these 10 tips will help you to motivate your team and to keep them in good shape, so you can go full strength as soon as this is however.

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