Live and do business from your fullest potential.

“I help business owners who are looking for their personal WHY, to ignite the inner fire in themselves and in their marketing.”

Are you a business owner, who’s often stuck in his mind wondering if this is it? If you already reached your full potential? Or if there’s more?
Currently you are working many hours, to….
satisfy your customers and get new customers in;
secure enough money for your family and to keep your business running.
But the following thoughts might be going through your mind …
You want to enjoy life more and freedom;
You want to feel more energetic & positive minded;
You want a better balance between work and personal life;
You want to explore what the world has to offer;
You want more work that energizes your mind;
You want customers that energize you;
You want to be surrounded by people that inspire you;
You want to fulfill your dreams;
You want to make an impact with your work or personal life.

You want to clarify what you really want and how you can realize that.

But do you often get stuck in your head, in your own thought patterns? Your thoughts get in your way here.

With RE-ENERGIZER I help you to get out of your head and to go back to your core, so you can ignite that inner fire. And as soon as that fire lights up, we can do the same in your marketing. The goal: let you do business and live from your true potential.

The key to find your personal WHY, is to get out of your head, to stop thinking and start feeling.

The RE-ENERGIZER concept

To change things you have to get out of your head. And that is not easy. I know everything about it. For years I tried to reason everything together to achieve what I wanted. But it didn’t work. My thoughts kept bogging down.

Until I went to seek help and I got concrete tools to get out of that head. A world opened up to me. It completely changed my life in a way I couldn’t imagine.

I want to offer you that same opportunity.

That is why I have a unique coaching approach, which no one else uses, where I help you to get out of your head completely and come to unique insights that will take you to new heights.

For this I used the following 4 principles:

I take you into amazing outdoor locations, that clear your head and trigger your imagination.

We do adventurous activities, that boost your positive emotions and calm your mind.

We work together during 1 intense session of multiple days, so your mind gets the opportunity to completely detox and reset.

You are surrounded by likeminded people, to reflect your thoughts and who can motivate you.

How I can help you

My coaching packages are for business owners, who feel there they have much more potential in their personal life and business but often get stuck in their own mind. They are looking for a powerful reset, to ignite that inner fire.



International trip of several days to the mountains to get fully out of your head, by using an active power boost. Personal development & marketing.



International trip of several days to the coast to get fully out of your head, by using a passive power boost. Personal development & marketing.



Get your first insights during a half-day session, how to build that new foundation, by using an active or passive power boost.

5 ENERGY BOOSTERS, to ignite your inner fire

Make your first step now.

Start each day with the right mindset. Focus on the things that matter to you and make you feel valuable.

5 Inspirational audio tracks about active & passive energy, realizing your dreams, being different and connecting with the right people.

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What others say about me:


“Michel is both a creative and structured marketeer/project manager. He is a resourceful and fo-cussed professional, equally capable of the creation and integration of new technologies to deliver solid business benefit as he is of looking at the big picture of global tech giants, saying what if, and bringing about a practical, positive change.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage a specific project or create a step change marketing communications solution, (that will actually work, be delivered on time and to budget), you’ll find Michel to be a calm, efficient, fun and creative professional that will get the job done”

Nick Pettitt – Owner Rocket Communications Ltd